• 24/7 Call out service
  • Installations and Startup services
  • Maintenance: Preventive and Long-Term
  • PMs on Engines and Compressors
  • Overhauls and Exchanges
  • Parts and Recommended Spares
  • Commissioning
  • Critical Spare Parts
  • Preservation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Restaging Compressors
  • Engine Swings
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Equipment Repackaging and Refurbishing

Our Programs Provide:


It makes all the difference

  • Customer support from the ground level up
  • Long-term relationship after the sale
  • Simplified asset management for a wide variety of assets
  • Services customized for specific regions
  • Trouble-free Safety and Environmental regulation compliance
  • Scheduled services that enhance safety, reduce downtime and aid in environmental compliance
  • Engines and Compressors
  • Engine-Driven Coolers
  • Emissions Equipment
  • Instruments and Controls
  • Process and Treating Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Turbochargers
  • Remote Monitoring of PE and Compression Equipment

Heartland Compression is an experienced compression and equipment service partner that understands the issues and challenges of the natural gas industry. From installation and startup through operations and overhauls, we’ll maintain, monitor, and service your equipment so you can concentrate on your core business.

Our installation and startup services ensure equipment is installed and configured by certified technicians and field personnel, assuring dependable runtimes. We can activate and validate OEM warranties to maintain the required warranty coverage. Our comprehensive maintenance program includes preventive and long-term contracts, with customized scheduling to meet our clients’ needs. With our 24/7 callout service, our strategically placed field service personnel can respond quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Our Compression Services Include: 

We Offer Services For: